A visit to an Orphanage..


Today,we spent some time with the children in an orphanage. Our visit to an orphanage is a life changing experience. This is the moment when I actually started appreciating the little things in life.

We were lucky to get an opportunity to visit an Orphanage named Mamta Foundation ( a project for the welfare of HIV +ve children and women). There were about 35 children right from the age group of 6 to 18,5 caretakers,and a couple who are in charge of the entire place. They live in a Bunglow at Kondhwa in the Pune city, Maharashtra state, India.

We reached in the morning at the location.After we entered we got to know about the foundation like when it was started and what all programmes it conducts for the welfare of the children there, by the woman in charge of the place.

We had brought fruits,books,pen,etc.with us. We segregated ourselves and then talked individually to everyone. We interacted with the children and played games(Dam-sharas).

After interacting with them we are happy to found that the children there are so active talented and happy. Girls there have multiple talents like singing,dancing,making handmade jewelry,painting.


It was very good experience with full of emotions. Today, I learnt a lesson that you should always be thankful for your family. Not everyone is fortunate like us. Today I am greatful for the life and education I have.Suddenly,assignments and exams don’t sound too bad to me. 🙂


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